Source code for textblob.en.taggers

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Parts-of-speech tagger implementations."""
from __future__ import absolute_import

import nltk
import textblob.compat

import textblob as tb
from textblob.en import tag as pattern_tag
from textblob.decorators import requires_nltk_corpus
from textblob.base import BaseTagger

[docs]class PatternTagger(BaseTagger): """Tagger that uses the implementation in Tom de Smedt's pattern library ( """
[docs] def tag(self, text, tokenize=True): """Tag a string or BaseBlob.""" if not isinstance(text, textblob.compat.text_type): text = text.raw return pattern_tag(text, tokenize)
[docs]class NLTKTagger(BaseTagger): """Tagger that uses NLTK's standard TreeBank tagger. NOTE: Requires numpy. Not yet supported with PyPy. """
[docs] @requires_nltk_corpus def tag(self, text): """Tag a string or BaseBlob.""" if isinstance(text, textblob.compat.text_type): text = tb.TextBlob(text) return nltk.tag.pos_tag(text.tokens)